Helping People Virtually, Across the UK, to Flip The Script and Embrace A Fresh New Start






As a transformational coach in Shoreditch, I am passionate about human potential and growth and have always been interested in people’s stories and the changing narratives within their lives.

Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

Flip The Script Coaching helps clients identify the self-limiting stories that hold them back, creating new narratives that demand they take actionable steps to catapult them in the direction of their dreams. Flip The Script Coaching’s approach is a holistic, supportive, and creative process that empowers you. My methodologies, including success coaching, in Shoreditch and across the UK, encourage and motivate you to:

  • Tick off goals.
  • Reach milestones.
  • Rewrite your life.
  • Live your dreams.









When you’re ready to re-take control over your story, get in touch and see how success coaching in Shoreditch can help you today! 

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How I Work with My Clients

Wanting change is the first step. You may not know how but that is where I, as your success coach in Shoreditch, or virtually, around the UK, will help you. Time is too precious to waste it wishing things were different when you have the power to change them! A requirement of working with me is being 100% determined and committed to successfully completing what you set out to do. The second step is deciding which service you want for yourself or your organisation.







Find out more about how Flip The Script Coaching works:





What do we offer?

 We offer 100% commitment to seeing you, as our client, succeed through:

  • 1. One to One coaching
  • 2. Group Coaching
  • 3. Youth Coaching
  • 4. Personalised programmes to achieve success
  • 5. Workshops
  • 6. Retreats
  • 7. Events

We are here to empower you to Flip The Script on your life, specialising in the following areas:

  • 1. Mindset Shift
  • 2. Building Self-Confidence
  • 3. Work/Life Balance
  • 4. Career Change
  • 5. Mindfulness
  • 6. Eliminating Toxic Relationship Patterns
  • 7. Therapeutic and Expressive Writing Some of your goals may overlap.

As such we will make use of a variety of tools, combined with a tailored programme specifically designed for you.









Lets create a new story, with the help of success coaching in Shoreditch

 0203 823 6277 or

 emailing to flip the script today!







Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

“Before working with Flip The Script Coaching, I was apprehensive about starting my own business. Dee listened to my fears and anxieties and helped me navigate the thoughts holding me back. I am currently in my second year of business and still benefit from her coaching whenever I make big decisions, not only with my business but in life in general.”

S. Lee, Founder of Natural Kinetics – London, England


Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

“Dee took on board the suggestions and requirements outlined in our brief and worked with us to deliver a session that not only met the outcomes we wanted but, most importantly, one that young people enjoyed and learnt from… I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with Flip The Script Coaching again.”

Y. Kusama, Director and Founder of Hudl – London, England


“Because of Dees directness, understanding of me and identification of my needs, I have now been promoted within four months of completing Dees coaching session (bearing in mind I’ve been in my same position for 11 years thinking I couldn’t!). I then passed my degree and have recently enrolled to do a diploma in the same subject. I’m now enjoying life, socialising, be it interactive or face to face. I’m now smiling on the outside and, very much, on the inside too.”

N. Hamilton