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Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

Are you dissatisfied with your life, career, or business? Do you have an idea of what you want but aren’t sure how to achieve it?

Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

Using coaching psychology, positive psychology, and therapeutic writing, I can help you successfully achieve your goal.

- Amy Zhang.

Welcome to Flip The Script Coaching. Flip The Script Coaching was created to help individuals and organisations change the stories of their lives or businesses. As your transformational coach in Shoreditch, we provide bespoke coaching services and workshops for individuals, groups, schools, and organisations nationwide, who need change and desire success. Change can be uncomfortable; stagnation and regret make achieving a positive mindset difficult; it stunts growth, making change impossible. Several things cause this:

  • Dissatisfaction with life or business
  • Operating below potential
  • Unfulfilled dreams
  • Low self-esteem and confidence








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What We Do

At Flip The Script Coaching, we work with people and organisations who recognise that they are the lead characters in their story but want something different, something better.

Our clients are encouraged to recognise the power they possess to change their future.






Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

Nora Ephron.





Flip The Script’s approach to transformational coaching in Shoreditch and across the UK is based around holistic, fun, creative and empowering coaching and programmes that support, encourage and motivate our clients to:

  • Reach Milestones
  • Tick Off Goals
  • Realise Dreams
  • Flip the Script and Tell a New Story










How We Do It

We use Transformational and Applied Positive Psychology Coaching and Therapeutic Journal Writing, to transform individuals and organisations, by empowering them to:

  • Gain clarity and achieve mindset shifts.
  • Maximise and realise potential.
  • Increase confidence and gain motivation and momentum.
  • Increase resilience.
  • Find or regain your passion.
  • Develop positive relationships

Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch





Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

As your transformational coach in Shoreditch, we work with people who want to regain control, who want to see themselves as the hero/heroine in their story, and who want something different, something better.

Through safe and supportive processes and interventions, our bespoke programmes are designed to empower you as an individual or an organisation to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals, to successfully rewrite your story and create the change you want.








Let’s Work Together to Rewrite Your Story

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Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch









Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

“The more I worked with Flip The Script, the more confident I began to feel about myself and my abilities to achieve my goals. My mindset changed from “I want to BUT I can’t” to “I want to, and I WILL!” I’m on my way to publishing a book; I have a radio show, launched my website, run successful events, and I haven’t finished yet!”

 R. Palmer – London, England


Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

“I’ve always known what I want, but my doubts and fears stopped me. My coach was warm, non-judgmental, and motivated me. She gave me the tools I needed to leave my job and start my own business.”

Ava Stewart – London, England