Coaching works in different ways for everyone, with different people engaging on different levels, to address specific needs. It’s important to find the right coach for you and as your transformational coach in Shoreditch, I’m certain it can be me! Through Flip The Script Coaching, I provide coaching an workshops that see businesses and individuals change, evolve and take back control of their lives. Change is hard but, with the help of your mindset coach in Shoreditch, you’ll find it comes more easily than you might think.

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What is coaching?

In its simplest form, coaching is moving from having a desire to achieving the goal in an accelerated fashion, by developing a success mindset, taking action and being committed. As the client, you set the agenda and, as your coach, I facilitate the process.

Will coaching work for me?

It will if you want change, are no longer comfortable with where you are and are willing to create the life you want on your own terms.

How much will it cost?

Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. It does not cost as much as the dissatisfaction and the unhappiness of living an unfulfilled life, not following your dreams or suffering from low self-esteem costs. Our fees are bespoke and consultation is free.

What do you offer?

We offer 100% commitment to seeing you, as our client, succeed through:

1. One to One coaching

2. Group Coaching

3. Youth Coaching

4. Personalised programmes to achieve success

5. Workshops 6. Retreats

7. Events

We are here to empower you to Flip The Script on your life, specialising in the following areas:

1. Mindset Shift

2. Building Self-Confidence

3. Work/Life Balance

4. Career Change

5. Mindfulness

6. Eliminating Toxic Relationship Patterns

7. Therapeutic and Expressive Writing Some of your goals may overlap.

As such we will make use of a variety of tools, combined with a tailored programme specifically designed for you.

How do you work?

We offer 3 or 6-month One-to-One and Peer Coaching Programmes, as well as specialised workshops. One-to-One sessions are face to face, over the phone and via Skype. Depending on the client’s commitment and schedule, sessions take place weekly, fortnightly or monthly. However, clients can and do receive support between sessions.





Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch






The first step is realising that you need to make a change. The second step is taking action! Let’s do it together. 

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Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

“Through a supportive, reflective process, I have overcome the contradictions between my thoughts and actions.

I have gained a clear vision to complete the professional and personal goals I set for myself with more focus, commitment, and determination.”

F. Young – London, England


Transformational Coaching in Shoreditch

“I have had one-to-one coaching sessions with Dee. During these sessions, I have always found Dee to be a great listener who has encouraged me to focus on the areas I needed to work on for a positive change… Thank you, Dee; you are appreciated!”

S. Barrett-Acquah, Director of Aspiring Minds Academy – Accra, Ghana?